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Syrian-born French billionaire Mohed Altrad’s story is literally one of rags to riches. (Suppplied) 5 / 6. Syrian-born French billionaire Mohed Altrad stood for the office of mayor in Montpellier. 2016-09-06 instagram:- in the desert, Mohed Altrad stumbled upon his destiny at the bottom of a well. This is his story.

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He was destined to be a shepherd. Born in Bedouin, in the middle of a Syrian desert to a physically and sexually abused mother, and a violent father, Mohed Altrad was almost certainly destined for a life of despair but, amidst all adversaries, he took on the challenges that befell him and, was able to build a business empire of his own. The author, Mohed Altrad, was born in Syria and his mother died from giving birth to him. His life was filled with indifference and downright hate from his grandmother and father. Maiouf pushed himself into school and this becomes a true rags to riches story.

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Sacré "Entrepreneur mondial de l'année" en 2015, premier français à obtenir une telle distinction, il était  Mohed Altrad is a Syrian-born French billionaire businessman, rugby chairman and writer, born in March 1948 in the desert of Syria. His mother died on the day   14 Oct 2019 the businessman Mohed Altrad, a Syrian exile turned building tycoon Arab self-made billionaire in France, his mysterious life story is found  12 Jan 2021 The story of Mohed Altrad is extremely emotional, while it could become a novel. He was born in 1948 when his father, a tribal leader in rural  Mohed Altrad, the founder and CEO of Montpellier-based Altrad Group, was last night named My story should tell anyone that you can change your destiny.”.

Mohed altrad story

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Mohed altrad story

In 30 years, it has become a major player in the construction equipment manufacturing and distribution sector. Mohed Altrad doesn't know how old he is.

Mohed Altrad is a French-Syrian billionaire businessman, rugby chairman and writer, born c. March 1948. He was born to a very young mother and his Bedouin father gave him away to his grandparents at age four following his mother's death.
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Mohed altrad story

1985: The Altrad group is founded in Montpellier, France. Today, the group is still led by its founder Mohed Altrad.

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Né en 1948 ou 1951 mais Montpelliérain de coeur depuis toujours.